• 10+ Crazy Chocolate Facts [Infographic]

    10+ Crazy Chocolate Facts [Infographic]

    Chocolate is capable of making anyone fall in love with it at first taste. This is the reason why parents often don’t want to exposing their children to chocolate too early–they might end up getting helplessly addicted to it and won’t want to eat anything else, like us adults! However,...

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  • 30 Shots That Will Turn Your Next Party Into A Huge Hit

    30 Shots That Will Turn Your Next Party Into A Huge Hit

    Nothing sets the tone of a party like a good variety of shots would. You’ve surely heard some of them–the Alabama Slammer, Kamikaze, Snake Bite, Blowjob, Buttery Nipple–and probably tried some of them out after being intrigued by their names on a bar menu board. After being convinced...

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  • 10 Fascinating Facts About Human Farts

    10 Fascinating Facts About Human Farts

    You read that right. Here we present to you 10 facts that you may or may not know about human farts–yours, mine, and everyone else’s! It may be the butt of all jokes (pun intended!) but it’s part of our daily lives and we can’t get away from it. I guess for that reason, we might...

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  • Problems Girls Face In Their Everyday Lives

    Problems Girls Face In Their Everyday Lives

    Girl problems. Yes, there are tons of them—even those that would seem minute and senseless to us could prove to be one of the biggest turning point in their lives. And yet the madness in their lives continue, and sometimes we can’t help but call them whiners. But what if they’re really...

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  • Monster High Mishaps Mashup [Video]

    Monster High Mishaps Mashup [Video]

    Animated shows don’t have blooper reels, because who would go to all the trouble of drawing thousands of frames the wrong way? Someone seriously committed to getting fired, that’s who. That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a mashup of Monster High slip ups in this music...

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  • Alcohol vs. Food

    Alcohol vs. Food

    You are in your favorite pub with your drinking buddies and there’s only one shot of tequila left. In your mind, you’re questioning if you should get that then order some more food after. We get it you love alcohol but do you really want to gain more weight by drinking that last shot? Yes, alcohol...

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  • Walking Dead infographic

    The Walking Dead: Guns And Ammunition

    The Walking Dead is one of the most sought after horror drama TV series to date. And if you’re a huge fan like me, you might just be interested in getting a some interesting information about the show’s badass characters like Rick Grimes, his son Carl, Michonne, Daryl Dixon, Glenn Rhee and...

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